Singapore Theaters

The Singapore is never short of entertainment in Asia. The Theatres are one of the best entertainments in Singapore. It is helps to cool their self to anybody. Because of the world class theatres are developed in Singapore.

In Singapore theatres are performed the plays, it’s mirror of the fact that the peoples of Singapore get interest in culture and art and the lengthy queue at front of the ticket counters confirm the point that the sightseer as well as the local peoples of Singapore have a interest for theater.

The Indians, Chinese and Malay artists give you the stage performance is insight into the culture of these societies and the actors who one put their best to win your admiration deserves your clapping.

The Singapore invites theater groups from throughout the world to display case their talents for Arts Festival that is held in June. It is suggested to book tickets in advance if you do not want to let go off the chance to observe a play at one of the most reputed theatres of Singapore.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong National Day Rally 2011 speech August 14 2011

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will deliver his National Day Rally 2011 speech on Sunday, 14th August 2011 from 6.45pm, Singapore time. He will be delivering his speech in three languages at the following times:

6.45 pm – Malay & Mandarin
7.30 pm – Intermission
8.00 pm – English

To be held at the University Cultural Centre at the National University of Singapore, the rally will be broadcast “live” on local television channels and radio stations.

Viewers can catch his English speech on Channel 5, okto and Channel NewsAsia (CNA) or tune in to 938LIVE.

Mandarin Speech will be broadcasted in Channel 8, Channel U, and MediaCorp Radio’s Capital 95.8FM.

Suria and Warna 94.2FM will deliver the speech in Malay.

Vasantham Central and Oli 96.8FM will deliver the speech in Tamil.

Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, will deliver the message in Mandarin.

Associate Professor Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, will deliver the speech in Malay.

The Tamil version of the speech will be delivered by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Foreign Affairs and for Law.

NDP 2011 Singapore, National day parade 2011 Watch Live

You can watch National Day Parade 2011 of Singapore live in online itself. You can watch it in HD also.

Watch the live telecast of NDP 2011 on the following platforms from 1800 HRS (+8 GMT):

  • NPS International School in Singapore

    As a result of the growing global demand for good quality education in the background of a swiftly globalizing educational scenario, the NPS International School was established.

    Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the National Public School has a good unassailable track record of produng 12,000 brillaint students annually.

    In Singapore, the NSP International School is spread on a six acre sprawling campus at the Chai Chee Lane. It is in the East Coast near Bedok.

    Contact details

    NPS International School,

    10 and 12 Chai Chee Lane,

    Singapore – 469021 and 469022

    Phone: +65-62942400

    Fax: +65-64482089


    Enquire for Admission –

    Enquire for vendors –

    Enquire for Fee –

    All other enquiries –

    Singapore Emergency Phone Numbers

    Emergency service
    Police 999 (toll-free)
    Police Hotline 6225 0000
    Emergencies/Ambulance/Fire 995
    Traffic Police 6547 0000
    Non-emergency ambulance 1777
    AAS Emergency Road Service 6748 9911
    Pet Ambulance and Transport 6552 2222
    Alexandra 6473 5222
    East Shore 6344 7588
    Changi 6788 8833
    KK Women’s & Children’s 6293 4044
    Mt Alvernia 6253 4818
    Gleneagles 6473 7222
    Mt Elizabeth 6737 2666
    SGH 6222 3322
    NUH 6779 5555
    Thomson 6256 9494
    Tan Tock Seng 6256 6011
    Drug & Poison Information Ctr 6423 9119
    Airport Information
    Flight Information 1800 542 4422
    Time of Day 1711
    Directory Assistance 6777 7777
    Weather 6542 7788
    Tourism Information
    Thailand 6235 7901
    Sentosa 6275 0248
    Malaysia 6532 6351