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Turtle or Kusu island, Singapore

The Kusu Island called as “Tortoise Island” in Chinese. Here you can witness a lot of attractions that comprises of a Chinese temple, a Malay shrine with an exciting native myth widely spoken. The legend myth is that a massive turtle is converted into an island to save two sailors who were shipwrecked. One sailor was a Chinese while the other one was Malay. As a mark of gratitude, the two sailors built a Malay shrine, a chine shrine massive e tortoise statue on the island.

During the ninth lunar month, yearly pilgrimages are made by Taoists to the Tua Pekong temple. Likewise the Muslims make a pilgrimage to the Kramat Kusu. Situated on top of the rough mound on Kusu Island are three kramats or Malay saint holy shrines. A lot of pilgrims scale the 152 steps to reach the kramat. They pray and ask for prosperity, good wedding, good wellbeing and harmony. Even childless couples come to the temple and pray for kids.

Spectacular breathtaking views of the mainland can be viewed from Kusu’s beaches and its hilltop. The lagoon’s warm water is very perfect for swimming.

How to get there? You can take a ferry from Sentosa’s Ferry terminal.

Departure times: From Mon to Sat, the ferry departure time is 10 am and 1.30pm and at 9 am, 11am, 1 pm, 3pm and 5pm (Sun and public holidays)

Admission fee: For adults it is SGD 15.00 and for kids between 1 to 12 years it is SGD 12.00.

The Ticket are sold at Marina South Pier, Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry services Pvt Ltd.
Tel:(65)65349339 Website: www.
You need not pay for Sentosa admission if you have purchased your ferry ticket to Kusu Island. The ferries leave from Clifford pier throughout the yearly kusu pilgrimage season.

The total boat ride time will around thirty minutes. At Marina South Pier private hired boat services are available. For ferry service enquires you can call the Hotline at 1800 Sentosa(7368672) or you can visit the website of Sentosa.

As an alternate arrangement, you can also hire a water taxi from Clifford Pier and on your own you can proceed to Kusu island. On an hourly basis the water taxis are chartered and with boat man you need to negotiate the rates.