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The Open Air Amphitheater, Singapore

The open air amphitheater has a seating capacity of 2,500. Next to the Sentosa express beach station at the Palawan beach the Amphitheatre is suitably located. With two night shows, you will be carried into a fantasy world where spiritual sea creatures a stylish juvenile hero and a things miraculously come to life in front of your eyes. The Japanese architect Dr. Kisho Kurukawa inspired and designed the building which has a Greek amphitheatre, rainforest atrium bars and restaurants.

In the daily shows held at the Palawan amphitheatre, intelligence, alertness, receptiveness and more animal friend’s qualities are showed. Monkeys, reptiles, parrots as well as others are observed getting into the funny acts. You can also get up close and personal at the daily animal and encounter of bird at the innovative Palawan theatre.Bird shows are conducted at the amphitheatre and the Falconry arena.

You need to always keep your eyes wide open because you will not know how intelligent and responsive the animals are. There are a wide range of shows with seven session conducted daily. You can also have a close look at Burmese python or have a glimpse of the macaque or you can interrelate with a collection of parrots. All these are based on what time you show up. The Amphitheatre also comprises of two beach bars and a food court to make sure that the guests are not let out with empty stomachs.

The Open air amphitheatre is located at the Silos Beach very near to the Sentosa Express Beach Station

Screening style: Open-air amphitheatre

Duration: 25 minutes