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Telok Ayer, Singapore

The Telok Ayer is a street which runs along the sea shore. Since it runs along the sea shore, it got the name as Telok Ayer. In Malay language, Telok Ayer means ‘water bay’ Raffles allocated the street for the Chinese community to reside. This street is one of Chinatown’s primary streets. Since Telok Ayer is one of the primary street to form the spine for the Chinese immigrants development during the early periods.
In this street temples were constructed for dual purposes. It served as informal place for different races and vernacular groups. After a hazardous voyage, the muslin and Chinese refugees as mark of gratitude used their vast resources to build temples for their safe return from sea. Some of the most renowned place of worship is the Thian Hock Keng temple, Fuk Tak Chi temple, the Nagore Durga shrine and the Al Abrar Mosque. The Fuk Tak Chi temple is now converted into a museum.

Speaker’s Corner is a unique feature of this place. It is situated in Hong Lim Park. The corner offers Singaporeans a platform to speak freely in public on any topic. . You can visit the park anytime between 7am to 7 pm. You can see the Singaporeans polish on issues secure to the mind.