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Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

On the periphery of the China town is an elegantly preserved area called the Tanjaong Pagar. The areas has a broad range of bars, pubs and Karaoke lounges that are present in preserved old fashioned World war II shop houses.

The URA Gallery – the City Exhibition.

While visiting the Tanjong pagar, you can also take a look at the URA gallery. It is the city exhibition where you can know the history so the Country’s Urban development. A large size replica of the city kept in the gallery in the main high light of the exhibition. The model displays Singapore’s development in the coming decades.

The gallery is spread on two levels. It has 48 spectacular exhibits, interactive touch screens and thrilling 3D animations.

Location: URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069118

Tel: (65) 6321 8321

The gallery is opened from 9am to 4.30 from Monday to Friday. It is closes on Sundays and other public holidays