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Supreme Court and City Hall, Singapore

The Supreme Court was constructed in the yesar 1939. This gramnd building with Cornithian columns and roomy interuiors displays wall paintings done by the renowned Italian painter Cavelieri Rodolfo Nolli. All these unique aspects make the classical building one of the most execellent building ever construcres during the British period.

Apart from the Supreme court there is the city hall that was constsructes in the yeat 1929. It was the place where the Japenesr surrendered to Lord Mountbatten during world war II in the year 1945.

The guests can participate in the open court hearings if not or else ordered . Thety can also tour the premises. Nevertheless the guests are instructes to be properly and aptly dressed .They are not allowed to wear shorts, slippers or singlets. Video and photographic equipments are forbidden inside the campus. Electronic equipments like mobile phones must be switched off or put in silent mode.

On the ground floor of the Supreme Court there are permenant displays on the court’s history. There is also a multimedisa gallery along eith corporate video screening and also interactive kiosks. Make sure you pick up a photocopy of the “Guide to Supreme Court, Singapore”.

The Supreme Court is openes on Mon to Fri fronm 8:30 am to 5pm and on Sat from 8:30 am to 1 pm.
No admission fees.
The building is located on St.Andrew ‘s Road.
You can take the MRT to City station (EW13/NS25) and saunter along St.Andrew’s Road towards Padang.