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Snow City Singapore

singapore-snow-cityThe Singapore previously called as Singapore zoological gardens is regarded as one of the most prominent zoo in the world. The open zoo concept is implemented in this zoo. By his concept the animal is separated from the visitors by natural barriers limerick walls, streams and vegetation. The zoo is spread over a wide area of 28 hectares and houses more than 3600 mammals,  birds species that include endangered and unusual species The Orangutan breeding program of Singapore zoo has formed a wide community of the endangered orangutan species.
The breeding program saw the birth of a polar bear which was the primary tropical birth. Other rare varieties like white rhino, the proboscis monkey, Malayan tiger, sea lion and the komodo dragon had found a safe asylum in the zoo environs. A unique aspect about this zoo is the fragile forest which is offers a thrilling and instructive display of rainforest and ecosystem culture.
The great rift valley, the Hamadryas Baboons, Ethiopia displays a characteristic ecosystem of Ethiopia’s climatic savanna zone. The landscaped region comprises of habitat multitudes for broad variety of animals, rock creations and tribal hamlets. The display is abode for the banded mongoose, rock hyrax, the black backed jackal and nearly fifty hamadryas baboons,

We can avail the services of the trams. By taking the tram ewe can cover the entire zoo and we can get a brilliant impression of the attraction. Nevertheless to fully admire the zoo, we should go by walk.

We can have close proximity to creatures like the small clawed oriental otter we can have our lunch, reticulated python and the endangered orangutan. We can enjoy our breakfast in their presence. This breakfast is called as the wild breakfast

You can fix a date with ytour friends for breakfast at 9 am. The breakfast cost is 15.80 SGD for adults and for kids it is charged at 3 SGD.

The zoo timing opened daily from 8.30am to 6 pm.
The last ticke sale upto 5.30 pm.
Admission for adults is 20 SGD for kids up to three to twelve years of age it is 13.0 SGD.
Tram rides (unrestricted rides for weekdays as well as weekends) for adults it is 5SGD for kids it is 3 SGD.

Boat rides: 6 SGD for adults & 3.5 SGD for kids.