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NPS International School in Singapore

As a result of the growing global demand for good quality education in the background of a swiftly globalizing educational scenario, the NPS International School was established.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the National Public School has a good unassailable track record of produng 12,000 brillaint students annually.

In Singapore, the NSP International School is spread on a six acre sprawling campus at the Chai Chee Lane. It is in the East Coast near Bedok.

Contact details

NPS International School,

10 and 12 Chai Chee Lane,

Singapore – 469021 and 469022

Phone: +65-62942400

Fax: +65-64482089


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All other enquiries –

Singapore Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency service
Police 999 (toll-free)
Police Hotline 6225 0000
Emergencies/Ambulance/Fire 995
Traffic Police 6547 0000
Non-emergency ambulance 1777
AAS Emergency Road Service 6748 9911
Pet Ambulance and Transport 6552 2222
Alexandra 6473 5222
East Shore 6344 7588
Changi 6788 8833
KK Women’s & Children’s 6293 4044
Mt Alvernia 6253 4818
Gleneagles 6473 7222
Mt Elizabeth 6737 2666
SGH 6222 3322
NUH 6779 5555
Thomson 6256 9494
Tan Tock Seng 6256 6011
Drug & Poison Information Ctr 6423 9119
Airport Information
Flight Information 1800 542 4422
Time of Day 1711
Directory Assistance 6777 7777
Weather 6542 7788
Tourism Information
Thailand 6235 7901
Sentosa 6275 0248
Malaysia 6532 6351

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

One of the ancient Hindu temples in Singapore is the Sri Mariamman temple. It dates back to 1827. In the year 1843, the brick bone of the present day temple was constructed. The later addition comprises of a plethora of deities that are carved on the walls, ceiling frescos and bell decked doors.
The fire walking festival called as Theemithi in Tamil is celebrated in this temple. A number o f Hindu wedding is done at this temple. .
At the temple gates, you can have a look at the tower or gopuram on top of the temple entrance. The gopuram is enclosed with metaphorical statue s of the God and Goddess and legendary creatures. The goputam is a lofty structure and can be seen even from far off distance. Without even stepping into the temple, the devotees can worship the; gopuram from a far off distance. You can notice the coconut leaves and mango leaves strings hanging above the doors of the temple. These leaves stand as a symbol of purity and welcome. You need to remove your foot wears and then step into the temple.

Before entering, the devotees ring the bell at the door and ask the almighty to fulfill their request. The devotees wash their hands, feet, sprinkle water over the head and purify themselves. There is an aluminum enclosure where the devotees break the coconut as a sign of breaking the egos to expose their kind and pure inner being.

Inside the temple premises, you have to walk in a clockwise direction around the temple hall as a symbol of good luck. You can have a look at the mango, banana and sari offerings to the deities as a sign of abundance.

You can observe the utilize of lotus as a human life sign to the Hindus as a motif of decoration. Since the lotus bud extends to the sun in spite of the roots entrenched in mud. Similarly man endeavors for the religious in spite of deeply rooted in nature.
Location: 244 South Bridge Road Singapore 058793
Tel: (65) 6223 4064
Reaching There: You need to take the MRT to the City Hall Station (EW13/NS25), and from North Bridge Road take the SBS bus 103, 166 or 197 or TIBS bus 61.

Central Sikh Temple, Singapore

In honor of the Sikh guru Guru Nanak’s 158 birth anniversary, the Central Sikh temple in Singapore was constructed. The temple is the main place of worship for nearly more than 15,000 Sikhs of the country. The temple has a blend artistic of traditional and modern architecture. The Sikh’s holy book called the Granth Sahib is preserved in the glorious prayer hall. The prayer hall has a 13 meter broad dome on top of it.

The 1986 SIA Architectural design award was given to this Sikh temple.

Yishun, Singapore

To the north of the island is a satellite hub called Yishun.
You can get into the six level North point centre. It is an up to date shopping complex that has brand names found along Orchard road. A sophisticated 8 cinema multiplex is located on the right side of the North point centre. Food malls are located on the other side of the center.
To get there: You need to take the MRT to Yishun station (NS13).