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Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Science Centre is world’s most much acclaimed cener h ousing a number of exhibits exckusively meant for science. There are more than 850 interactive diaplays Science’s splendor and wonder.
Nearly SGD 38 million dollars were pumped in to gave a face lift to the center. Many new modern amenities were added to the centre’s development. Some of them are, a newly constructed main entrance , a totally enclosed linkway connecting the Science center and the Omni theatre, an Annexebuilding and a Kinetic garden.
The kinetic garden is the first and foremost exterioe interactive science garden. It includes 35 interactive sculptures, disp;aus and exhibits placed amidst the environs of a beautiful garden.Different types of water features lidke ponds, waterfalls, water misters and fountainds ofer a chilly environment for you to admire and enjoy the displays.
Otjher than the main exhibition galleries, there is another main attraction for he centre called the Omni theatre. It is a five storey building eith a 23metr diamerer haemispheric gigantic screen and modern sound systems.It assure the viewers an exciting cinematic experience.
Inside the Omni theatre there is also an 18 seater Virtual Voyafes Stimulation theater which permits the audience to visually and physically experience the science phenomena wth a fifteen minute adventure story.
To know the different movi screening timings and rides you can directly contact the centre.
The Science Center is opened fron 10 am to 6 pm . The Ombni theatre is opened is opened from 10 am to 9 pm. The center id closed on Mondays except school and public holidays.
The admission fees for adults id SGD 6. For kids below 16 years the asmission feed is SGD 3.

For Omnil Max movies it is SGD 10 for asults. For kids between 3 to 12 years it is SGD 5.
For Virtual rides it is SGD 6 for adults. For children between 3 to 12 years it is SGD 4.
For show timings you can call the hotlilne (65) 6425 2500 for more details.

The estimated tour timings is about two hours.
Location: 15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081
Tel: (65) 6425 2500
Fax: (65) 6565 9533
To get there:You need to take the MRT to Juirong east station(EW24/NSI) and then take the bus 65 or 335.
• Reserved car park lot for the physically challenged – Situated exterior entrance (normal size lot). Low kerb at parking lot. Permission to wheelchair is restricted and assistance may be necessary. Reachable to ambulant disabled.
• Convenience within the building. Reachable to wheelchair and ambulant-disabled.
• Lifts – High call button. Access to wheelchair is restricted and support may be required. Reachable to ambulant disabled.
• Public toilets for the physically challenged – Level 1. Contracted door width. Reachable to ambulant disabled.
• Food outlets – Level 1. Reachable to wheelchair and ambulant-disabled.
• Public telephone – Accessible to wheelchair and ambulant-disabled.
• No Taxi stand.
Accessibility for the physically challenged to the Singapore Omni Theatre:
• Acces to Entrance by ramp. Easy to get to to wheelchair for physically challenged
• No Reserved disabled car park lot –
• Accessibility within the premises – irregular flooring and there are sharp slopes. Access to wheelchair is incomplete and may require assistance Accessible to ambulant-disabled.
• No Public toilets for the disabled
• Public telephone – Admission to wheelchair is restricted and may require assistance. Reachable to ambulant-disabled
• NoTaxi stand –
Remarks – Wheelchair users can utilize lift to get into the theatre.