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Singapore River

The lifeline of Singapore is the Singapore River. The primary inhabitants made a small income and watched Singapore evolved from an unknown fishing village into a big seaport.

The Singapore’s history can be categorized into three separate periods. They are pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial. Many colorful tales say the Singapore’s pre-colonial history. The planning of the Singapore River is done by the urban redevelopment authority (URA). Prior to the founding of Singapore by Sir Stafford Raffles, the Singapore River was the home to the founding fathers of Singapore which includes coolies, merchants and businessmen.

The Singapore River is the origin of the country’s prosperity. The Merlion, the tourism icon of Singapore stands at the river’s mouth, protecting the river. Old-fashioned bridges are present along the length of the river. From the ancient Ord Bridge as you go up the river, you can look at the significant Cavanaugh and Anderson bridges. The Cavenagh Bridge was constructed in the year 1869 and is now only used by the pedestrians. The bridge now leads to the empress palace named after Queen Victoria. A stylish Victoria Hall is located at the empress palace. In this hall, the Singapore Symphony orchestra regularly conducts classical concerts.

The important sightseeing places located at the e Singapore river bank are Boat Quay, Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay, the Merlion memorial Park and the Parliament house. Also situated on the river banks are a number of museums, temples, mosques like the Asian Civilisation museum, Tan Si Chong Su Temple and Omar Kampong Melaka Mosque.

You can stroll along the river side and take a look at the above mentions places. Otherwise you can jump into a glass top boat or bumboat and take a holiday river cruise. You have a wide range of choice of boats services to choose. You can board the boat at Raffles place, Raffles landing site, board quay, Clifford pier, Clarke quay.
You can have a memorable night at boat quay by dining or having your cocktail. Otherwise you can have a delicious banquet at the serene surroundings of Robertson quay.

There is also a guide book which explains how enjoy the boat ride on the river. The guide says about two routes. Both the routes presents about the different experience you are likely to face.

Route 1: The Rafflesian Legacy takes the shape of prepared walking tour to assist you in taking you to significant locations along this route. It is advisable to take the route in the early chill morning hours or in the late afternoon.

Route 2: It is best to enjoy in the evening the river celebration. At the evening hours the river life is livelier. The route 2 is a purposely formless route. So only you have to deicide and choose on the various available exciting choices. On which you would like to focus on.

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At the various tourist centres, a walking tour guide is readily available.