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Singapore Jurong Bird Park

The Jurong Bird Park in Singapore is a renowned bird park that follows the open concept idea. It is spread on an area of over 20.2 hectare. The Jurong Park is home to about eight thousand birds covering nearly six hundred species.The park offers educational as well as entertaining experience to the visitors. The bird and buddies show will entertain the entire spectators. The viewers will be greatly enticed by the birds of prey in the king of skies show and Fuji world of hawks.

Bird shows featuring cockatoos, hornbills flamingoes and macaws at the Pools Amphitheatre offers spectacular, funny performance and are especially recommended for kids. They would really enjoy seeing those bird shows. You can go for the “Fuji world of hawk show” and watch the live performance given by the birds of prey.

The penguin parade enclosure is in a reconstructed Antarctic setting. In this enclosure are about 200 penguins covering about five species. There are also other species of birds in the penguin enclosure like puffins, inca and terns. Another colorful delight of the exhibit is the multi colored hornbills and Toucans.

The South Asian birds aviary has twenty four individual aviaries. It aklos has a main walk through aviary with more than hundred birds species coming from South east Asia’s equatorial forests. Within this exhibit a natural equatorial habitat is created for the birds that includes tropical thunderstorm simulated at every day afternoon.

The African waterfall Aviary is another recently opened area of the Jurong bird park. It houses more than one thousand five hundred free flying African birds. The African waterfall aviary is the park’s enclosed sexton sheltering a number tiny tropical variety birds. It also has a good-looking artificially made waterfall.
The Lory Loft displays Lory a native bird found in Indonesia, new papa guinea and Australia. The tourists can go in and travel the entire length of the Lory loft at treetop level. This offers a bird’s eye
view of the grand landscape.

From the start to the finish the Lori loft offers an elevated 360 degree of the whole environment.

The bird park also offers “The early bird breakfast show”. This gives a rae and unique opportunity to have a close affinity with some of the park’s priced possession like the Big john which is a fourty five year ole Cockatoo. Other rare assets include Eclectus parrots, Merlin, the Amazon with yellow nape. The guests while having breakfast will have an opportunity to mix with the birds in the midst of the lush green environ of the park. Bongo Burgers terrace is the venue for the early breakfast show.The breakfast commences at 8.30 am and the show starts at 9.15am

The Park is opened daily from 8:30am to 6 pm The last ticket sale is at 5.30 pm.

Admission fees: For adults it is SGD 18 and for kids between 3 to 12 years it is SGD 12. .

Admission ticket packages: A one month validity ticket from the issue date is for Singapore zoo, night safari, and Jurong Bird Park is also available. It is not necessary you should visit all the three places at a stretch in one day.

The Singapore zoo timing from morning 8.30am to 6pm every day. The last ticket sale is at 5.30 pm.The operating hours for Night safari is from 7.30pm to mid night 12 every day. Last ticket sale is at 11.00pm.

The admission fee for Singapore zoo and Jurong bird park it is SGD 32 for adults and for kids it is SGD12.
For Singapore zoo and Night safari it is SGD 42 for adults and for children it is SGD28.
For Nioght safari and Jurong bird park it is SGD 42 for adults and for kids it is SGD12
For Singapore zoo, Night safari and Jurong bird park it is SGD 58 for adults and for kids it is SGD38