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Singapore Flyer

The world’s biggest colossal obsesrvation wheel is the Singapore Flyover. It provides the tourists a 360?? spectacular view of Singapore and further than that.

The flyover is tactically located at the Marilna Bay.It is situated across a three storey terminal building with an stimulating display of F&B and retail options. A central entrance hall leads to a flourishing tropical rain forest. Ther is an open air-theatre staging live showa to pull crowds from all over the placae. In addition to the byuzzling of activites, ther is a 210 metre lengthy waterfront dinng pronmenade.

The visitors can stand on top of the dazzling 165 metre flyover and havae a spectacular view of the Singapore skylilne. You can look at the wonderful Marina bay, soaring skyscrapers, the tropical greenery and the brilliant lights and frenziedly actions touching the gorgeous skies.You will sense you are n top of the world for thirty minutes. Certainly an experience you should never fail to miss.

Thsis unique e xperience can be personalized by the specialized flight planners. Right from product launch to conference/breakfast meetings, VIP champagne flights,private capsules, this peculiar vnue in the sky unlocks a hot of actions for all your requirements.

II. Prices:
III. Singapore Flight
For Adult(? 13 years old): it is S$29.50
For kids (3-12 years old): it is S$20.65
For Seniors (? 60 years old): it is S$23.60
IV. Signature Cocktail Flight
For Adult(? 13 years old): S$69.00
For kids (3-12 years old): S$48.30
For Seniors (? 60 years old): S$55.20
V. Express Boarding Flight
For grown-ups (? 13 years old): it is S$52.00
For kids (3-12 years old): it is S$36.40
For elders (? 60 years old): it is S$41.60

The Flyover is Opened every day: from 8:30am – 10:30pm
The Ticket Sales:is from 8:00am – 10:00pm
The Last Admission: is at 10:15pm
VI. Ticket Booths
The Ticket booths are situated next to the Sky Deck, 2nd level next to the link bridge and at the entry of the 1st floor. Otherwise you canmake use of the facilities of online booking at Official homepage of Singapore Flyer –
VII. Contact Info
Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd
30 Raffles Avenue, #01-07
Singapore 039803
Tel: (65) 6333 3311