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Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

The Changi terminal was opened on January 9 2008. The terminal is spread over an area of 3, 80,000 sq.metres. It is worth $1.75 billion. and is situated opposite to terminal 2. Out of Changi airport’s three terminals, the terminal 3 is the largest and can handle up to 22 million passengers annually.

The main terminal building’s roof is covered with 919 skylights. These lights adjust automatically according to the sunlight. Permitting the terminal’s interiors to be packed with soft natural light. If you look at the roof you can see stunning and multifaceted moving shades that crate random across the whole building. Due to the specifically intended shades you will not get any glare or any tropical heat interruption.

During night the sky lights will glow subtly with artificial lights. The effect is a shooting atmosphere all periods of the day and night.

The terminal has 20 regular aerobridge gates and 8 big aircraft A 380 gates a number of people will be moving the terminal. Right from the moment you get down from the plane, the building naturally guides you where you wish to go.