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Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Garden embodies the island’s flourishing park . It is spread on an area of about 52 hectares. The garden is very near to the heart of the city. The botanical garden is a mixture of unscathed principal forest and forte gardens. It exhibits roses, frangipanis, desert plants and ferns. There various plant species comprising rare varieties. This portrays affluence of the garden and the plant life’s diversity.

At present the Orchid enclosure displays nearly 20,000 orchid plants. The National Orchid garden assures extensive orchid exhibits, alien bromeliad, water features that come from Latin America. Other unique features of the park that offers a visual treat for the guests are the Eco Lake, Palm valley, and the outdoor concerts that are conducted on the shore of the Symphony Lake.

You can go for shopping to the RISIS Store for elegantly gorgeous gift items. The shop is situated at the threshold of the National Botanical Garden. Its goods vary from elaborate sets of brooches to exceptional name card holders. It has deigns t hat is inspired from the Perknan culture. The culture is a combination of Malay, Chinese and some western influences. The place is a sure bet for those who are on the lookout for unique extraordinary mementos.

If you despite to eat in natural ambience, then you can go to the French restaurant called Au Jar din .The restautent offers the finest French food . For more details you can call Tel: 6466 8812. If you are not interested in eating then you can simply step into any one of the cafes that is situated inside the garden.

The Botanical garden is opened from 5am up to 12 midnight every day.
The Orchard garden is opened daily from 8:30am to 7pm everyday

The RISIS Store is opened daily from 8.45am – 5.45pm.
No admission fee for Botanical garden. For the National Orchard garden the admission fee is SGD 2 for adults and SGD 1 for kids and elderly people.
The average time duration for touring the garden is two hours.
How to reach there? From the Orchard MRT Station (NS 22) go along the Orchard Boulevard. You need to take SBS bus 7, 105, 106, 123 or 174.

Convenience for the physically challenged
Wheel chairs are available for the ambulant disabled at the entrance.
Also there is a car park exclusively meant for the physically challenged.
Public toilets are also available for the ambulant disabled.
Absence of lifts and eating outlets.
No taxi stand.