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Sentosa Luge and Sky ride

One of the seven attractions inside the Sentosa Island’s Imbiah lookout area is Sentosa Luge. This tourist spot is spread over an area of 650 metres. The SGD 5.5 million luge track fitted with an aerial cahir lift cabklleway connects the bunch of attrctions on top of the hill adjacent to the Carlsberg sky tower to Siloso beach entertainment center on this wellklnown island of Singapore.
The Skyyride formerly known as the chairlift is an memorable experience provided if you do not have any aversion to heights. The sky ride will take you over the tree tops and greenery tops.
A combination of a go-kart and toboggan is the Sentosa Luge. The three wheel non motorized carrier is the primary attraction of its category in South East Asia. The Luge is a system of self driving car in which the speed is controlled by the driver by pushing a handle bar pair backward and forward. A peculiar braking and steering system permits you to make the ride pleasurable and enjoyable as you desire. The luge ride moves downhill depending upon the gravitational pull to shift.
At present the Sentosa Luge & Sky ride operates from 10am in the morning all the way till mid night.