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Sentosa CineBlast

At the Sentose Cine Blaaast you eill a have a incredible experience with the most recent high description broad screen projection digital equipments and modern 6 axils motion system. In this system the oobjects comes into in frint of your eyes.
At Cineblast the sound and light technology are integrated lilkle the obne founf in Universaal studiois in America. The Cind blast is Singapore’s only cinema ride.

Utilizing the modern sinmulation technology, the Cineride takes you on an tremendous 3D log ride. Just lilkle riding a roller coaster, the riders can sense every bump and plummet in the safety and comforts of the seats.

“Extreme Log Ride’, a 10 minutes duration movie is the currently shown movie . The pictures will be very much nearer to you and makes you feel that you are part of it. The viewers will be altered into a log that is freashly sliced down in a forest.As the log travels down the Amazn river you can sense the excitement of travelling through uneven rapids, the turns and twists being rinsed and flinged by the powwerful river currents.and finally .get a freefall experience rom a enormous waterfall . You can be conveyed to a similar world of thoughts, enthusiasm and fun.

Admission fees :

The admission fees is S$18.00 for Adult / S$11.00 for kids (below 12 years and with minimum height of 90cm) Free admission for children below 3 years old, but no 3D glasses will be given.
Island permit and transport charges apply.
The Opening hours is 10am-9pm every day (The Last admission is at 8.45pm)
The CineBlast is situated right subsequently to Sentosa 4D Magix inside the Imbiah Watch out attractions zone on Sentosa, Singapore’s Island Resort.