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Sentosa 4D Magix, Singapore

Nothing can stand in front of Sentosa 4d Magix for an incredible experience. This state of the art theatre constructed at cost of S$3.5 million provides you a complete innovative generation of movie magic. Through the course of harmonization of a packed range of visual effects ,sound surround, individually controlled motion seats and extraordinary live environmental effects like water sprays all your senses would be fully occupied which you would have never experienced before.

Ever since its opening, the 4D Magic had been an instant hit attracting nearly more than half a million riders out of which seventy five percent were tourists. In Sentosa within the Imbiah lookout, the guests have the chance to have a thrilling experience at the 4 dimensional theatre. The theatre is Singapore’s primary and south East Asia’s largest theatre. The 4D theatre provides you a complete spectrum of 4D special effects like dodge bullets and cliff jumps that you watch in movies. This sophisticated modern theatre provides astonishing movie magic.

The Sentosa 4D Magix is sure to fetch its guests a mind-blowing interactive experience. Through the course of harmonization of a packed range of visual effects ,sound surround, independently controlled movement seats and astonishing live ecological effects like water sprays all your wits would be fully busy which you would have never experienced before.

The theatre is fully equipped with the sophisticated Digital Projection and a sound system of DTS 6.1. The salient features of the theatre are the extraordinary seats. The seats are priced around S$10,000 and are outfitted with extraordinary effects in built speakers. vibration of seats and leg ticklers. Water sprays and base shakers features. Each rider receives the movement effects by means of the independently controlled seats. A lightening flash during s a storm or water release when some person splatters into the river submerges the spectator into the movie. As in movies you would be evading bullets when the crabs sauntered around the legs and leaping over the cliffs similar to how they are carried out in movies.

The Admission fees is S$18.00 for Adult, S$11.00 for kids (below 12 years &, and with minimum height of 90cm). Free admission for children below 3 years old, but no 3D glasses will be given.
The Opening hours: is daily from 10am to 9pm (The Last show commences at 8.45pm).
II. Contact Address:
Sentosa 4D Magix Pte Ltd
51B Imbiah Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099708
Tel: +65 6274 5355