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Robertson Quay, Singapore

Another place of interest in Singapore is the Robertson Quay. This Singapore River’s unexplored gem will provide you with Interesting array of twilight amusement. After boat quay’s loud music and dazzling lights, the Robertson Quay is laid back more with a string of restaurants. With alfresco banquets, art houses, wine bars and high class condiments.

At the Robertson quay, in the olden days the merchant constricted water houses, jetties, offices to assist goods loading and unloading. From the quaint Kampung houses along the river side, the kids would often stand and wave. On a number of occasions, the kids would often jump; and swim into the river.

At present the Robertson quay has a series of hotels along the river side. Because of stiff competition different hotels are offering foods at different prices. All these hotels maintain their individual taste for food. They offer a wide range of varieties of food that includes buffets, appetizers, entrees and tropical desserts.
There are also night spots found at the old godowns of Singapore.