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Red Dot Design Museum.

The only existing design museum in Asia is the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. The museum portrays the strange display of product design like the Zentrum design. .The Zentrum is the bodily embodiment of red dot designs awards. You will see the daily objects in a new glow. It is a special exhibition venue for red dot design award winners. The museum is situated on red dot traffic. It is a traditional building that offers a new lease of life with wise space alteration to become the country’s defacto artistic hub. The red facade of the building has become an iconic landmark for Singapore.

The building displays the existing instances of daily preferences and artifact culture. You can discover the various features of excellence probe what good design is in at hand and what it may turn out to be in future. The guests are inspired and entertained with interactive fittings and attractive displays on design it is the important point of design and innovative activities like design conferences, parties and exhibitions. The most attractive design venue in Singapore is the red dot museum.

The Red Dot Design Museum to serve Red Dot Award.

The inspiration securing the red dot award is the carnival of ideas spotting fresh and exhilarating talent. In this way the talent is connected to the industry. The museum serves as a meeting place where the brands and products correspond the design brilliance and from the mediocre it gets distinguished them.
The museum also acts as a communiqué stage for charming ideas and perceptions to the public, industry and customers.

The museum is opened on Mon, Tue, & Fri from 11am to 6 pm. On Sat and Sun. it is opened from 11am to 8 pm. On Wed & Thu the museum is closed.

For the admission fees for adults it is S$8 and for kids it is S$4.

Red Dot Design Museum
28 Maxwell Road
Red dot traffic
Singapore 069120
Phone: +65 6327 8027

How to get there?
Go to the nearest MRT station which is 0.15km away. Then take the East West Line (Green) and stop at “Tanjong pagar” (EW15)

If you are travelling by car, you need to take the East coast parkway expressway (ECP) Exit 18. The adjacent ERP Gantry which is 0.51 km away @ Prince Edward road. The museum is located along Maxwell road you need to enter the car park through Peck Seah Street.

If travelling by bus you need to go to the nearest bus stop which is at a distance of 0.13 km. The following bus services are available. SBS 10, 100, 107, 130, 162, 16M, 196, 65M, 89M, 97 SMRT 75.