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Pulau Ubin, Singapore

An island situated off Singapore’s northeastern coast is Pulau Ubin. Pualu Ubin is in the shape of boomerang and low hills enclose it. The Pulau Ubin offshore island is now further developed as a fully fledged natural park with shelters, trails, chalets, camping sites, and other basic features.

You should go for a casual stroll or cycling to get the full pleasure in admiring the natural vegetation and laidback kampong atmosphere. At the village bicycles can be rented. The tracks have been improved to make easy for trekking. It is also upgraded with other fundamental features like good toilet and shelters and is made available for the guests’ convenience.

In the development programmed, most of the natural environment will be conserved. The rural ambiance surrounding mangrove swamps, granite quarries, coconut and rubber plantations, fish and prawn farms and customary fishing “kalongs”.

Situated on Pulau Ubin’s eastern tip is a natural beach Chek Jawa by name. Marine creatures like horseshoe crab and a disc shaped member belonging to the star-fish family called sand dollar live on Chek jawa beach. Chek jawa is laid out with sea grass meadows that shelters carpet, peacock anemones and also coral rubbles.The sea grass meadows are also the home for different hue sponges.
It is first cone first served basis for visits to Pulau Ubin and the visits are arranged only when the tides are low. For booking you can call the National Parks Board on Tel no: (65)65424108.

You can enjoy a hearty meal at a seafood eatery and cap off your stay with a stopover to the vibrant Thai and wonderful Ma Chor temples by the beach.