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Orchard Road, Singapore

The orchard derived it name from the various nutmegs and pepper plantations that creased the street during the 1840s. The road is sparsely populated. The inhabitants were mainly plantation owners likely Cuppage, Scotts and Cairnhill.Today these names are well known street names.
For centuries not much care was given for a plantation overwhelmed with disease. Until in the 1900s, a strange disease spread across the entire nutmeg plantation causing serious damage. Since the place was located in a valley, floods were not an unusual thing. The floods were controlled only in the year 1965, when the Stamford canal was broadened and deepened. The canal runs beneath the pedestrian mall facing the Wisma Atria Shopping Centre.
Pioneering attractions like the Mandarin hotel Plaza Singapore, C.K.Tangs in the 1970s paved the way for the development of amusement complexes. At present soaring towers made of glass and steel had made Orchard road the main hub for social activities.
Luxurious and sophisticated hotels dominate the area. Orchard road is also the hub for the elite groups. They are attracted by the enticing night joints, delicious restaurants, bars and shopping malls. The flamboyant cornices, stylish louvered shutters, Corinthian pillars and cavernous verandas arrive collectively and beautifully in the neo Palladian Anglo Indian Istana.
Also the Orchard road is the place where the country’s life and actions are at its peak. Don’t waste a minute. You can sop, stroll or eat. You can just take a seat at a café and simply look at the gigantic screens fixed facing the street.