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Old Parliament House and the Elephant Statue

The old Parliament house is planned and constructed by George Coleman in the year 1827.It is one of the ancient administration building.and was previous abode for Singapore’s parliament that is elected democratically. A bronze elephant welcomes the guests to the state building. The bronze elephant statue was presented as a gift by the Siam king Chulalongkorn in the yeart 1871.

The building is now reopened and renamed as the Art house. It merges the colonial architecture charm , a house’s familiarity with callous edge. present-day visual arts ,dance, music film, theatre and comedy by international and Singaporean artists. You can stroll along the corridors of time a display alleviating the existence and era of the house and its illustrious celebrities. You can have a state of the Thai food at the Thai restaurant or alfresco dining in front of a show or relax at the upstairs wine bar you will surely have a memorable day to memorize.

Tours along with guide are arranged from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm on weekdays. The duration of the guided tour is around 45 minutes. It comprises of screening of a short film and a drink. The tour fee is $8 for each person. For more information you can visit for more details.

The present day parliament of Singapore is now shifted to the new premises located at 1 Parliament place which is just a walk able distance.

Locality: Empress place.

How to get there? You can take the MRT to the Raffles station (EW14/NS26) and cross the Cavenagh bridge.