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Merlion Park, Singapore

Near the Esplanade bridge,the Merlion and the cub is initially situated 120 metres from its present position. Its present abode is near to one fullerton on a recently built 2,500square metre park.
It is also called as Merlion park.The palce ha become a famous tourist palce and finda aplace along with the well known attractions of world’s greatest cities. The then Singapore primeminister Mr. Lee kwan Yew presided over the installation function of the Merlion held on 15th September 1972.The auspicious function is still remembered by a bronze plaque bearing inscriptions. The Merlion is installed as a representation to greet all the visitors to Singapore.

The place has a cape with seating terrace and a deack for viewing. The deck can accommodate upto 300 people. It also has a landing point for boats that permits guests to get off from river taxis.The photographers can get an unobstructed panaoramic view of the Merlion from the viwing decks. You can also have a breathtaking view of the landmarks like the Marina bay, the Fullerton Singapore and the Esplanade theatres located on the bay.

At present the Merlion draws more than one million visitors annually who make a trip to the Merlion park to have a snap shot of most famous icon on earth.
How to get there? From the Raffles Place MRT station you can walk beside the water’s edge.