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Little India, Singapore

One of the most colorful districts of Singapore is Little India. It is spread along the Serangoon road and mostly occupied by Indians who came to Singapore and settled in the 1800s.

Back in 1819, the Indians arrived in Singapore along with Sir Stafford Raffles as assistant and soldiers. Here you can predict your future with the help of a parrot. The parrot pulls a card while you can sip your teh tarik. The tarik is a hand pulled cup of tea The Little India can be reached from the north end of the Canning Park. From Raffles hotel, it is only a fifteen minute walk. AT the south end of Little India are the conventional Arab quarters. This lies at the junction of the North Ridge Street and Arab Street. .

At present Little India is the hub of Indian community in Singapore. On Saturdays at the Seranggon road hundreds of Indians flock to share the news they received from home. The gathering has become that much overcrowded the police made efforts to regulate the crowd and pedestrians. During the deepavali festival, Little India transaforms into a fairy land. Brightly decorated streets.

In little India, the spice scented streets, invite you to a treasure trove o9f brassware, ethnic ware, silk saris and jasmine garlands. At the flower shops you can see the merchants making flower garlands. You can also paint your hands with traditional henna designs. From petty shops to large shops, Little India is filled with lots of interesting things to explore.

Likewise don’t fail to visit the Little India cultural corner which is adjacent to the food court at the Little India arcade. This transfers you through a period of archival exhibit. Also present is an array of conventional Indian items for display.

The other attractions of little India.are the Abdul Gaffoor mosque, Veeramakaliamman temple, Srinivas temple and the flashy temple of 1000 lights.

You can also have a taste of Indian food at the Indian restaurants like the Muthu’s Curry restaurant and the Banana leaf restaurant located along the Race course road.

To get there: you need to take the SBS bus 64, 64, or 111 from orchard road to Serangoon road.