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Kreta Ayer, Singapore

In Malay language Kreta Ayer means ‘bullock cart’. There are some mythological stories still roaming in those areas which say that bullock carts used to carry water from the wells in Anna Siang hill to the inhabitants of China town.

Te place is surrounded by the bustling South bridge road and the New Bridge road. And it is crisscrossed by a number of streets like the Pagoda, smith, Temple and Terengganu. The streets of Kreta Ayer were found to be having opium and gambling dens, brothels, theatres and restaurants. All these places serve the china town people. The focus of amusement area fetched Kreta Ayer the title “Bu Yeh Tien” which means the sky is never dark.

The Kreta Ayer distinguishes Singapore’s China town from the china town of other countries. The place had a fine mix of Indian and Malay settlers. This can be seen by presence of the Jamae Mosque and the Seri Mariamman temple.

Situated at the smith street, the Chinatown food street provides the best local hawker favorites to everyone. You can also have a taste of the noodle dish that is fried with fresh cockles, beans, sprouts and black sweet sauce.This dish is called as Char Kway Teow. The Carrot cake is prepared with steamed white radish cake that is fried with preserved vegetables and eggs. You can also taste Rojak whish is refreshing salad that is tosses with sweet sauce and peanuts. Like in the olden days all these dishes are served from outside stalls. The stalls are opened daily from 11.00am to 11 pm. If a person spends SGD 5 he can have a hearty meal.