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Kampong Glam, Singapore

The name Kamplong Glam was derived from a glam tree that was grown in that place. From the Glam tree, medicinal oil was extracted. The Malays and Buginese utililsed the bark to caulk the ships.

The Kamplong glam was an ocean of colors and sounds. Formerly it was a fishing hamlet located on the mouth of the Rocher fiver. It is the significant seat of Singapore’s Malay royalty. At present, you can watch the Istana Kamplong glam, the sultan’s palace. You can drop in to the Sultan’s mosque which the largest mosque of the country. The mosque can accommodate nearly 5000 Muslims when congregation prayers are conducted. Near the mosque you can see the number of Arab merchant shops. These merchants sell cloth, conventional Arab Muslim food items and other commodities.
How to get there? You can take the MRT to the Bugis Station (W12) and stroll along the Victoria Street in the direction of the Arab street.