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Jamae Chulia Mosque, Singapore

The Jamae Chulila Mosque, Singapore is situated in the central portion of the China town. The mosque was constructed in the year 1826 by the Chola kings. One of the earliest immigrants of Singapore is the Tamil Muslims from the Chola kingdom. Of Tamilnadu stretched along the Coromandel Coast. Some of the historical memorials in the China town were built by the Tamil Muslims. Initially the Tamil Muslims came to Singapore as traders and money changers. Within a short span of time they built three Islamic heritage buildings. The Jamae Chulils Mosque was the first one to be built followed by the Al Abrar Mosque and the Nagore durgha. Originally the Nagore Durgha was called as the Shahul Hamid Durgha in remembrance of a divine man who came to Singapore. Both the mosques are located on the Telok Ayer Street.
The mosque has a miscellaneous architectural style. The entrance gate of the mosque is in a peculiar south Indian style. On the other hand the two prayer halls and the shrine in typical; neo classical style. That resembles George Drumgoogle.coleman. This peculiar appearance has made the mosque a much sought after placed for the photographers. That is displayed on the 19th century post cards up to today. On 29th November 1974 it was made a gaze teed monument.
Hair Raya Hajji (Eidul Adha /Festival of Sacrifice)
On Dhul Hjjjah’s tenth day, the Islamic lunar calendar is widely celebrated by the Muslims for the successful annual pilgrimage completion to Meccah.The Hajj or pilgrimage is regarded as the most vital expedition of their lives. During the Hajj period, the Muslind from different countries of the world and speaking different language assemble for the life’s most religious life skills.

On this joyful occasion, the Muslims execute two major obligations. Primarily they get involved in congregational prayers held at the mosque and subsequently they sacrifice sheep, camels, cows and goats. In commemoration of the Prophet Abraham the sacrifice is done displaying his willingness to present his son to the Almighty as sacrifice. The slaughtered animal meat is shared among relatives, friends, the destitute, Kith and kin.

Alongside with the Muslims from all around the globe, the Jamae Chulils mosque goes on board with these attractive ceremonies. The guests are invited to see the rituals. Guides are also available who describe the Islamic purpose of slaughtering, the ritual purpose and other fascinating particulars. .
Location: 218 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058767
Reaching there: You need to take the MRT to the City Hall station (EW13 / NS25). Then from the North Bridge Road you have to take the bus 103,166 , 197 or SMRT bus 61 On the other hand for china town, you can take the NEL MRT and exit at the south Bridge Road /Pagoda street side .Through the Pagoda street, you can stroll to the Jamae Chulia