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Jahore battery

Jahore battery is a place which has gun emplacement. The site has maze of labyrinths which were utilized to store bullets to hold three gigantic guns that can fire shells up to 15 inches.

The jahore battery was built by the Britishers in the year 1939 to defend Singapore. It is the largest gun that was installed outside Britain during the Second World War. However prior to the surrender of the British the guns were destroyed. After the war, the tunnels were sealed up. The location remained clandestine until in the year 1991, the place was rediscovered by the Prison Department of Singapore.

Today at the Jahore battery, a model of the gigantic gun and the 15 inch shell takes a seat at Jahore battery.

The jahore battery is opened from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

No admission fees.

The estimated tour timing is around thirty minutes.

Location: Rossford Road, off Upper Changi Road North.
Tel: (65) 6546 9897

How to get there? From the Tanah Merah station, You need to take SBS Bus 2 and get down the bus stop opposite the Selareang camp. Otherwise you can also take a taxi.