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Images of Singapore

In this museum the guests can have a look at the multi-dimensional facets of Singapore all under one roof. With the life size pioneer figures of Singapore Museum, the history of Singapore is recreated from 14th century to early 20th century. In the surrender chambers you can experience the battle of Malaysia and Singapore which portrays the battle years of 1941 to 1945. Singapore festivals display the artistic inheritance of Singapore. It is set in the 1950s and 1960s, illustrations brings in the several customs and civilization of the various racial groups in Singapore – Malay, Chinese, Peranakans and Indians.

It is opened daily from 9am to 9 pm

The admission fees id is SGD 8 for adults and SGD 5 for kids.

The approximate tour timing is around one and half hours.

Location: 40 Cable Car Road Sentosa Singapore 099700
Tel: (65) 6275 0426
Fax: (65) 6275 0161

How to get there? You can take a bus from the world trade centre or from the Tiong Bahru station. On Sentosa you need to take the monorail and get down at Station M4 or by the bus on the Green and Blue lines. Otherwise you can take the Cable car from either Mount Faber or World trade center.

Convenience for the physically challenged.
Main entrance- available for ambulant-disabled. Step/kerbs (No ramp facility).
Side entrance: you can ask assistance from the ticket counter. Wheel chair facility for ambulant disabled.
No lifts are available but wheel chair stair climber is available to help the guests reach the top storey. You can ask for help from the ticker counter.
Public toilets are available for the physically challenged.