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Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore

The China town Heritage Centre is housed in three newly renovated shop houses located at the Chinatown etjhinic quarters. The heritage has a vast number of memories and tales untold as how the country’s forefathers came from distant land and settled in this country.

Every level of the heritage centre transports you to different time in the China town history and permits you to sketch the early inhabitant’s lives. In the olden days the inahabitants lead a simple life and lived in rented cubicles present in the shophouses. A most common features present in those days were disease, poverty, and callous living conditions. The unkind living conditions made the peasants find comfort in the four evils – prostitution, opium smoking, secret societies and gambling. On the other hand china town was busy with social activities in those peak periods. The China town is a secular cultural town that celebrates the festivals belonging to various races.

You can also avail the help of guides. You can also sneak into the Kopi tiam the conventional term for coffee shop. Here you cam have a cup of sweet-smelling coffee and snacks. You can also a purchase a memento of Chinatown. You can also choose from exclusive range of conventional souvenirs like the hand weaved Chinese quilted blankets, conventional mini sewing machine and clogs sold at the retail shop.

The heritage centre is opened daily from 10am to 7 pm.

The admission fee is SGD 8 for adults and SGD 4.80 for kids.

The estimated tour timing is one and half hours.