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Chek Jawa, Singapore

Chek Jawa is a natural beach situated on Palau Ubin’s eastern tip. The beach is houses rich marine wild life. The Chek Jawa is an assortment of six distinctive environments forest, mangrove, coastal, mud flats, sandy beach, coral rubble and a small island known as Frog Island or Pulau Sekadu. Chek Jawa is peculiar since the beach houses six different varieties of habitats all under one umbrella in an area of 1

The marine wildlife diversity can be viewed in different types of starfish, sea horses, sand dollars and octopi dwelling in the mud and sand flats. The peacock and carpet anemones seek refuge in the sea grass meadows. The coral rubble offers sanctuary to sponges.

Visiting Chek Jawa is always in on first come first basis. Only at low tides, the visit is possible. For bookings you need to call the National Parks Board Ubin Information Kiosk at Tel: (65) 6542 4108. Guides are also available. They guide the guests on a long walk for forty five minutes along a chosen route. The guests are asked to wear proper footwear. They are prohibited from littering, touching or collecting any animal or plant samples.
You can visit the website National Parks Board on check on the list of available dates and visit timings. .
No admission fees. But pre booking is essential.
The estimated time duration for visit is around two hours.
How to get there? You need to take the MRT to Tanah Merah station. Then you have to take the SBS 29 or 2 to Changi village. From Changi point jetty you can then take a bumboat ride. It costs for a single trip SGD 2 and if you are carrying a bicycle, then you need to pay an extra SGD 2. The Bumboat ride functions from 6 am to 9 pm every day. After reaching Palau Ubin, you can rent a bicycle from the bicycle kiosks or engage a local taxi. A 20 minute journey finally rakes you to Chek Jawa.