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Changi Chapel and Museum, Singapore

On February 15, 2001, the Changi Museum was repositioned to its new home. The Changi museum substitutes the previous Changi prison and Museum that was constructed in 1988.

The Changi museum encourages and motivates the younger, future generation with heroic, rousing stories that happened in Changi. The Changi museum is built in memory for those martyrs of World War II who lived and died especially in the Changi area during those murky years.

At present the Museum acts as a good resource and educational institution. The Changi chapel is a representative replica of various chapels that were constructed during World War II. Now it stands as a memorial for those martyrs who did not bow to the Japanese rule. Those war veterans upheld their faith and self respect against all desperate odds.

Inside the museum there are a number of letters, photographs, drawings that portrays the horrendous story of a murky three years of war. During that period more than 50,000 civilians and soldiers in Change were imprisoned. From fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942 to the surrender of Japan on September 1945, life was very difficult and an everyday struggle against loss of freedom, humiliation, disease and hunger it is in those worst conditions many heroic incidents happened. Those heroic deeds were moving and at the same time very motivating. The best part being is a series of splendid wall paintings known as the Change murals. Those murals were meticulously restored from the original paintings of Bombardier Stanley Warren.

The guests can also see the video clippings of “Elizabeth Choy” and “Changi through the eyes of Haxworth”. The Changi University is located in a quiet spot of the museum. The Changi University treasures a vast collection of exceptional books and literature that portrays life during the war torn years.

“The Bark Café” is located adjacent to the Museum. It is an open air restaurant where an individual can calm down, chill out and enjoy a delicious lunch with his close friends or family members. The café offers a wide range of food that is based on the cosmopolitan cuisine, ala carte menus and a wide of beverages that are readily available.

At the Changi Chapel, Sunday services are performed by a number of church groups on every Sunday from 9:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The guests are greeted to take part in those services.

The Changi Museum is opened to public from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm every day.

No admission fees.

The average time duration for touring the museum is about one hour.

Location: 1000 Upper Changi Road North, Singapore 507707
Tel: (65) 6214 2451
How to get there?
You need to take SBS bus Tanah Merah MRT station (EW4). Get down at the bus stop in front of the Changi museum and Chapel

More details: House tours are conducted for visitors. For adults it costs SGD $ 6.00 and for kids it is SGD $ 3.00. The first tour is at 10.00am and the last tour is at 3:45 pm. Group booking can also be prearranged. For this you need to contact the Changi museum Pte Ltd at (65) 6214 2451.