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BUS Plus is Introducing new SMARTime System

busplus.jpgFinally in Singapore the first SMARTime system is introduced by Bus-Plus Pte Ltd. Bus-Plus Services Pte Ltd is the first company in Singapore to introduce bus arrival time for its scheduled services, namely Services 541 and 547, the wireless way through mobile phone (need not be WAP-enabled phones). They are also the only company that offers this service free-of-charge to all subscribers of Singtel Mobile, M1 and Starhub.

For a certain fee per month, you would have a guaranteed seat on this service every weekday morning peak (excluding public holidays) from your origin (your home) to your destination (place of work). You would know the estimated arrival time of your service and the journey timeof your ride. 

This would mean no more uncertainty, and minimal waiting.

As part of their service assurance and service recovery, they would also provide taxi service, at their cost, if the bus breaks down, or if there is any delay in their service in picking you up.

The monthly fee would depend on the length of the journey. They estimate this may range from $100 to $150 per month.