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Arab Street, Singapore

The Arab street is Singapore’s traditional Arab areas it is a ten minutes walk from Little India. The street is famous for shopping.

The shops in the street sell colorful cloths from different countries at cheap prices .You would be fully satisfied with your shopping, once you come out of the street. Most of the shops in this street have Muslim influence by selling skull caps, prayer rugs.
One of the most noticeable items for selling is baskets, can straw, pandan leaf items. All these items are displayed on the pavements so that the passerby notices it and will be in the urge of buying. The shops also stores attractive bags made out of camel skin. The shops also display pith helmets, small cloisonné boxes. You make a visit to the shops located along Jalan Pisang . Those shops sell birthstones and gemstones. You can know y our birth stone according to your star sign and buy it. Also displayed in those shops are the stunning exhibits of magnificent fabrics.

You will come across the Sultan Mosque with its beautiful dome and minarets. The mosque is the hub for the Muslim community n Singapore. Another site of attraction is the Istana Kampong Glam w hic has now transformed into a Malay heritage

You can make a stopover at the various extraordinary Malay restaurants and you can taste the fabulous Malay cuisine. If you want to taste Indian foods, you can make a visit to the shops along the North Bridge road and to the footstalls at Bussorah.