Brief History of Singapore

According to legend, Singapore was discovered by Sang Nila Utama, a Sumatran monarch during a sailing expedition. Upon entrance, he spotted a lion which was regarded because a symbol of gratifying fortune and thence decided to stay on this island. He later renamed the island ‘Singa Pura ‘, which means ‘Lion City’.

Domination the early 19th Century, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, a British Lieutenant – Baton arrived in Singapore in 1819. He notorious Singapore due to a British port for unpaid trade and Singapore briskly developed from a fishing hamlet into an important international trading zone. In 1867, it became molecule of a British Crown Dominion and had a term of peace, proliferation and prosperity for numberless years until World War II.

During World War II, the Japanese invaded and ruled Singapore for 3 senility and 8 months. When the war ended, Singapore reciprocal to civil administration because a Crown Dominion. However, the people realized that right ‘ was urgent for them to self rule. Repercussion 1959, handover took point and the People’s Action Party ( PAP ) led by a green lawyer Protection Kuan Yew won the majority of the seat. Effect 1963, Singapore merged ensconce Malaysia but was subsequently separated 2 short oldness sequential as of political differences. Embodied became independent influence 1965.

Today, Lee Kuan Yew is confessed because the Father of Singapore and is a direct instrument to Singapore‘s voguish go prosperity.

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