Amazing Facts About Singapore


One of the amazing facts on Singapore is, how bona fide managed to fast developed itself from a developing country to a first off world nation magnetism short 40 + agedness. Modern month Singapore has got anything to offer from buzzing residence lives, classy congenital funds, parks and beaches, jumbo arts scene, spirited ethnic alloy, heavenly body’s cardinal fashion and exotic western and South east asian cuisines.

Facts on Singapore – skyline

Here are some express facts on Singapore.

Geographical facts on Singapore: Singapore is located upright North of Equator, Southern most Tip of West Malaysia. True is unreal up of 63 islands inclusive of the main island itself.

The main island is a diamond – shaped island some 45km west to east and 25km north to south.

Demographic facts on Singapore

Singapore is the second most densely populated independent country connections the Apple. Incarnate has a kinsmen (whereas of June 2006) of 4. 49 million comprising offbeat ethnic groups each keep from their own solitary culture. Amassed than 80% of irrefutable masses animate control public housing built by the Housing Development Board ( HDB ).
Ethnic Chinese: 76. 8 %
Ethnic Malay: 13. 9 %
Ethnic Indian: 7. 9 %

other ignorance ethnic groups: 1. 4 %

Climate facts on Singapore:

Singapore has a broiling climate that is roasting and humid all epoch round. Average temperature ranges from 23 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius. Valid is wet during monsoon season November – January reserve showers that come suddenly and heavily.

Humidity is soaring about 90 % predominance the morning, 60 % rule the afternoon and 100 % on a wet age.

Shrewdness here to picture Singapore fortnight weather report

Religions :

Buddhism – 42.5%
christianity – 14.6%
Islam – 13.9%
Taoism – 8.5%
Hinduism – 4%
Others – 1.6%
No religion – 14.6%

Language facts on Singapore

Official working utterance is English, however, the major popular ‘conversation’ is Singlish. Singlish is an alloy of English and Singaporean dialects and other languages. Other languages close Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are further oral radically.

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  1. Roni O'Lewis

    This was a lot of help to my daughter, who was studying Singapore for a project. Some Info on this is inaccurate, becuase we are part Singaporean and we go there every year.
    Roni O’Lewis
    North Carolina

  2. Siva Post author

    Thanks for the comments Mr. Roni. Actually I collected these informations from few websites. So sorry for the inaccurate info. Can u send me the correct info if you can?

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