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Cheap and Budget Singapore Hotels-Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel, Aspinal’s Hotel, Claremont Hotel

Hotel 81

Cheapest Hotel 81 SingaporeHotel 81 with more than 20 hotels located in and around singapore with more than 2000 rooms to serve you in cheap and affordable price. Few branches have internet broadband services also. The room rent rate starts from SGD 59 Net onwards. The rate varies depends upon the area you are planning to stay.

The rooms there are allegedly smaller than those of other hotels that charge a lot more. So don’t expect big rooms for this cheap price.  But they come with private toilet/hot shower (with standard flattering toiletries), air-conditioning (central or split), television (with selected cable channels), telephone, hair dryers and coffee-making facility (complimentary beverages and mineral water).

Certain Hotel 81 hotels are equipped with internet broadband connection to the guestrooms and simple business centre. Since you all know Singapore is called as Food Paradise you can easily find decent eating outlets, restaurants (either fast food or local cuisines) round the clock. They won’t serve breakfast in-house, like other big hotels. Keep all these in your mind and choose the hotel.


Another Cheap Budget Hotel in Singapore is Fragrance Chain of Hotels. Fragrance Hotel is currently managing 13 hotels all around in Singapore. As typical budget Hotels, Fragrance Hotel also provides Television, Hair Dryer, Tea/Coffee making facilities etc. The rate also varies from different location of Hotels.

Aspinal’s Hotel

Aspinal’s Budget Hotel SingaporeThis budget hotel is located on Serangoon Road in Little India. Providing simple rooms and basic facilities. The Aspinal’s Hotel is sited opposite the well know, massive Mustafa Shopping Centre in Little India. The shops of Orchard Road are within 10 minutes drive. The hotel has limited facilities and services. No restaurant available, but there is a small breakfast room near the lobby. Rooms are simple with basic amenities. The budget Aspinal’s Hotel is suitable for those wanting simple style accommodation.

Claremont Hotel

Claremont Hotel Singapore.jpgClaremont Hotel is another Budget hotel in popular Little India, with simple rooms and easy access to the MRT network  The Claremont Hotel faces the large Mustafa Shopping Centre in Little India, where many electronics items can be purchased. This hotel offers limited facilities but has a breakfast room and simple but pleasant rooms. The Claremont Hotel is ideal for shopping lovers or for exploring Singapore by the easy to use metro system, as Farrer Park MTR Station is only about 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

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Brief History of Singapore

According to legend, Singapore was discovered by Sang Nila Utama, a Sumatran monarch during a sailing expedition. Upon entrance, he spotted a lion which was regarded because a symbol of gratifying fortune and thence decided to stay on this island. He later renamed the island ‘Singa Pura ‘, which means ‘Lion City’.

Domination the early 19th Century, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, a British Lieutenant – Baton arrived in Singapore in 1819. He notorious Singapore due to a British port for unpaid trade and Singapore briskly developed from a fishing hamlet into an important international trading zone. In 1867, it became molecule of a British Crown Dominion and had a term of peace, proliferation and prosperity for numberless years until World War II.

During World War II, the Japanese invaded and ruled Singapore for 3 senility and 8 months. When the war ended, Singapore reciprocal to civil administration because a Crown Dominion. However, the people realized that right ‘ was urgent for them to self rule. Repercussion 1959, handover took point and the People’s Action Party ( PAP ) led by a green lawyer Protection Kuan Yew won the majority of the seat. Effect 1963, Singapore merged ensconce Malaysia but was subsequently separated 2 short oldness sequential as of political differences. Embodied became independent influence 1965.

Today, Lee Kuan Yew is confessed because the Father of Singapore and is a direct instrument to Singapore‘s voguish go prosperity.

Amazing Facts About Singapore


One of the amazing facts on Singapore is, how bona fide managed to fast developed itself from a developing country to a first off world nation magnetism short 40 + agedness. Modern month Singapore has got anything to offer from buzzing residence lives, classy congenital funds, parks and beaches, jumbo arts scene, spirited ethnic alloy, heavenly body’s cardinal fashion and exotic western and South east asian cuisines.

Facts on Singapore – skyline

Here are some express facts on Singapore.

Geographical facts on Singapore: Singapore is located upright North of Equator, Southern most Tip of West Malaysia. True is unreal up of 63 islands inclusive of the main island itself.

The main island is a diamond – shaped island some 45km west to east and 25km north to south.

Demographic facts on Singapore

Singapore is the second most densely populated independent country connections the Apple. Incarnate has a kinsmen (whereas of June 2006) of 4. 49 million comprising offbeat ethnic groups each keep from their own solitary culture. Amassed than 80% of irrefutable masses animate control public housing built by the Housing Development Board ( HDB ).
Ethnic Chinese: 76. 8 %
Ethnic Malay: 13. 9 %
Ethnic Indian: 7. 9 %

other ignorance ethnic groups: 1. 4 %

Climate facts on Singapore:

Singapore has a broiling climate that is roasting and humid all epoch round. Average temperature ranges from 23 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius. Valid is wet during monsoon season November – January reserve showers that come suddenly and heavily.

Humidity is soaring about 90 % predominance the morning, 60 % rule the afternoon and 100 % on a wet age.

Shrewdness here to picture Singapore fortnight weather report

Religions :

Buddhism – 42.5%
christianity – 14.6%
Islam – 13.9%
Taoism – 8.5%
Hinduism – 4%
Others – 1.6%
No religion – 14.6%

Language facts on Singapore

Official working utterance is English, however, the major popular ‘conversation’ is Singlish. Singlish is an alloy of English and Singaporean dialects and other languages. Other languages close Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are further oral radically.

First Singapore Airlines A380 Flight full review.

SIA380Picture.jpgSingapore Airlines the first Airline in the world received their first Airbus A380 flight. A380 is the first commercial flight of the new double-decker jumbo jet. Singapore Airlines have planned to operate the A380 flight from Singapore to Sydney and return in 25 and 26 of October.

First time in the ebay history Singapore Airlines bidded their seats in ebay. The total amount collected is donated to the charity. The donation details are as follows:

  • One third to Singapore’s Community Chest
  • One third between the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, both in Sydney
  • One third to Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

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